Gregory Wathelet
/ 41 years old (09/09/1980)
  • Longines Rankings25 go to FEI page
  • numbers of wins194
  • Current stableEcurie Gregory Wathelet
  • Idol

The son of a farmer, Gregory Wathelet participated from a very young age in all the regional competitions, winning many victories. Gradually, he progressed to the highest level, which he reached with the Hayettes stud farm and its spearhead Mozart des Hayettes. 

In 2005, he decided to move to Ukraine and would progress for two years there under the yellow and blue flag before coming back to Belgium to set up his own structure.

In 2015, he won an individual silver medal on Conrad de Hus at the European Championships in Aachen, a lucky arena where he would win the Grand Prix in 2017 on Korea of Hus. Between these two events, the rider took over the family farm at Clavier to build his own stables.