Félicie Bertrand
/ 39 years old (24/06/1982)

A native of Paris, Félicie Bertrand grew up in the stables of La Croix Saint-Antoine in the Val d'Oise, which were managed by her father, while her maternal grandparents were the breeders of the Selle Français stallion Royal Feu and her uncle, Pierre Lécuyer, was at the head of the Ysieux stud farm, which produced many very good horses. 

At a very young age, the rider headed to Normandy, where she has remained ever since. In 2017, her career got a new start with her return to the Clarbec stud farm where she was entrusted with a string ready to compete in the very best competitions.

years championship country city horse category Ranking
2018 Jeux Méditéranéens ESP Barcelona Sultane des Ibis individual 1
2018 Jeux Méditéranéens ESP Barcelone Sultane des Ibis Team 2