Valdocco des Caps for Cian O'Connor.

11 September 2019

This weekend at the Paderborn CSI***, Cian O'Connor will make his debut on the  Selle Français gelding who allowed Guillaume Foutrier to reach the highest level: Valdocco des Caps.

 Number One d'Iso's son left the Northern rider's stables earlier this week and will now compete with the Irishman.

"We had Valdocco with investors, so a commercial outcome was to be expected, and that time came. It's a rational choice. We had a very beautiful human and sporting adventure. My investors have made a good deal and we will be able to continue to move forward. This sale will allow us to take a step forward in our organization. We will continue to invest and hope to be able to go a little further each time. Until now, I always had to sell earlier. This is the first time I could have gone further. It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed these moments, but I also know that you have to be careful because evolving at this level can be exhilarating and you have to stay grounded. Here, I was sixth and second reservist for the European Championships. Next year, the pattern would have been the same, I would have lacked the experience to be part of the trip to the Games... but I think Valdocco is a real championship horse. He can go fast and the more he jumps, the better he jumps. His 10-year-old year has been a period of discovery, but I am convinced that there is still a lot of room for improvement. I always believed in him and he always confirmed my faith. He is a sensitive horse that has matured a lot this year. We really had some great moments. It is certain that, at this level, it’s a full-time job where you are very close to your horse. If I had the choice, I would have preferred to keep him, of course, but I really want to be part of the long-term process. It is a necessary evil to achieve one’s objectives and do even better. I really enjoyed my discovery of the high level. Every rider dreams of it and I really appreciated this search for precision. This is what makes us evolve.
I will obviously have a slightly more difficult year. I have horses in training, but it will probably take me a year to get them ready. Nevertheless, I will try to maintain my place sufficiently in the rankings to continue to have access to great competitions," Guillaume Foutrier concluded.