Simone Blum puts high level riding on hold

07 July 2021

German rider Simone Blum announced on her social media that she has sold her two lead horses, Cool Hill (Cool Hill 2) and Cecile 30 (Conthargos), a sale that she describes as heart-breaking. "Even though I know this is part of our business, I can never get used to it!" she says.

It should also be remembered that her mare DSP Alice (Askari), with whom the German rider is the reigning World Champion, underwent surgery in April due to a persistent leg contusion. The rider still hopes to compete with her loyal partner in the future, but for the time being Simone Blum doesn’t have any horses to compete at the highest level. That's why she has decided to step aside: "I’m now putting all my time and energy into the young horses, and I hope to be back in two years. For now, my big hope is Cellvista (Cellestial), and there may be some more new up-and-coming names in the stable," she explains.

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