Rid'Up stirrups: comfort, balance and safety

18 July 2022

On the market since 2018, Rid'Up stirrups capture attention at first sight and create a joyful word-of-mouth in rider conversations. With great comfort, they accompany the movements in a harmony of equestrian couple and, secure, they can be released when the foot is stuck in case of certain falls. To find out more, we met with General Manager Yan Fournier and his team in Paris, where the sun is shining brightly.

In the beginning was the loop

One of the advantages of the Rid'Up stirrups is the loop that allows the stirrup to disengage from the stirrup if the foot gets stuck during certain falls. "This mechanism of articulation and release is developed by Look Cycle, the company of which my father Thierry was general manager. Moreover, my grandfather, a talented engineer, also participated in the study of this system! The Look brand has, for more than fifty years, acquired its notoriety in the ski and cycling sectors. The company had already designed a safety stirrup in the 1980s, but the mentality was different back then," says Yan Fournier. "Today, the notion of safety has regained its primary role in the practice of a sport and is sought after by consumers. After several years of research, tests in motion design and the call for stunt riders to fall according to different scenarios, the fastening loop and the stirrup are finally patented in 2017 and will give birth to the Rid'Up stirrup in 2018. "Don't worry, the fastening system will obviously not be triggered by the slightest weight exerted in a slightly strong manner! It is the angle of the rider's foot that will activate the release, not the force. For this reason, both of our stirrup ranges have no minimum weight limit. Once the stirrup is released from its stirrup leather, it can be easily "re-clipped" with a simple movement and allows immediate remounting.

The Rid'Up stirrup is produced in two ranges: the FUN and the PLUS. Marketed in 2019, the FUN range is more accessible but retains the safety offered by the PLUS range. "We were keen to keep the same fastening system and thus the same safety for both models, the first of which is intended more for small sizes, and therefore potentially for children. Safety is a matter for all riders, but let's not forget that no one can reduce the risk of an accident to 0%.

The sweet balance

In addition to its secure operation, the Rid'Up binding offers unequalled comfort, unanimously acclaimed by riders, thanks to two features: the eye perpendicular to the stirrup makes it easy to put on, retaining the natural positioning of the foot and thus avoiding forced torsion. In addition, the stirrup leather remains flat on the saddle quarter and does not interfere with the calf; the articulated loop reveals a dynamic compensation system that relieves the joints and knees by absorbing the horse's movements and accelerations. For even greater comfort, Rid'Up has been offering a flared stirrup leather sheath for the first time this year, which further contributes to the stability of the whole. "This harmonisation of balance has been welcomed by users and also by health professionals," explains Marjorie Petit, a renowned instructor trained at the Cadre Noir in Saumur and Rid'Up's commercial director, who has been involved in all phases of the development of the products. "A study carried out by a podiatrist revealed that a rider wearing Rid'Up stirrups received thirteen times less stress on the ankles and ten times less on the knees.

Elastomer flooring, between softness and support

Available for the Rid'Up PLUS stirrup, the elastomer TPE flooring provides maximum shock absorption. "The elastomer flooring is not soft to the touch because it is there to be reactive! Just as a floor that is too soft is harmful to the horse's tendons, a floor that is too fluffy will be harmful to the rider's foot, which will compensate for this softness by its joint and plantar reflexes. The suppleness of our elastomer is revealed on the horse, under the weight of the rider", comments Yan Fournier. "The flat flooring offers both longitudinal and lateral cushioning and provides a large support surface," continues Marjorie Petit. "It is completed by steel studs that provide grip and adherence... without damaging the soles!

The Rid'Up PLUS stirrup flooring is highly appreciated by riders of all disciplines, including those with weak joints or intensive sessions, right up to the highest level. To date, the Rid'Up PLUS stirrup is the brand's best selling product.

A 100% French company and a lifetime warranty

Based in Saint-Paul-de-Vence (Alpes-Maritimes), Rid'Up offers stirrups developed, manufactured and assembled in France, more precisely in Nevers, in the Nièvre region. "By basing everything in France, it is easy for us to be physically present, to follow the quality of the product throughout its manufacturing process, and to interact with our partners. It is also nice to be able to promote our industrial know-how. In fact, we are making more and more sales abroad," says the managing director.

Rid'Up has selected the most reliable and durable materials, which allows them to offer a lifetime warranty to this day. "The body and the stirrup system are guaranteed for life. The eye and flooring are subject to wear and tear and are replaceable. We have a reactive after-sales service, if necessary... but it's not difficult to have an excellent after-sales service when the product is good," Yan Fournier says in conclusion with a knowing laugh.

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Public Innovation Award at the 2017 Paris Horse Show, Design Star Trophy in 2018 and Award of Excellence at the German Innovation Awards 2021.

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