Rhinopneumonitis: March approvals cancelled at Z and SBS

02 March 2021Author : Julien Counet

The BWP has not yet taken a final decision for the third phase of its approval, scheduled to take place from March 11 to 13 in Azelhof, even though the Lier facility has decided to close its doors. SBS and Zangersheide have also decided to cancel their March expertises. The decision is quite logical albeit very different for both studbooks.

The SBS decided to approve all candidates for one season without a card limit, and to keep the registrations of the candidates that are now stallions. Breeders can therefore choose to use entires which have not been judged, some of whom will no longer be approved next year.

Zangersheide have just decided to postpone their event to a later date when the health situation allows.

AuthorJulien Counet