Quel Homme de Hus returns to Normandy for breeding

01 April 2020

The postponement of the Olympic Games and the standby of competitions due to the current pandemic may have unexpected consequences. For several weeks, an entourage of horses such as Nixon van’t Meulenhof (Denzel V’t Meulenhof) and Leandro VG (Gitano D Berkenbroek) have announced their availability for fresh semen after their owners had announced that they would be originally be devoting themselves to sport, and this time, it’s Jérôme Guery’s star, Quel Homme de Hus (Quidam de Revel x Candillo) who left Belgium for his co-owner and former rider, Gaetan Decroix. The Holsteiner stallion is back at Eden Farm and will be available until at least May 31.

Crowned the European Team Champion in Rotterdam with Belgium, before finishing 2019 by placing third in the Geneva 5* Grand Prix, Quel Homme had started 2020 in the same rhythm with a third place in the 5* Doha Grand Prix just before this forced break.

"Nothing had been organized or discussed, but two days ago, I had to go to Belgium for a medical check-up and I suggested to Jérôme that we take advantage of this break so that Quel Homme can devote himself to breeding. With our agreement, I’m the one who takes care of the reproduction side because it’s something I appreciate and care about, and Jérôme takes care of the sporting aspect; however, I had no idea of his reaction because there’s always a risk and originally we had decided that the horse would not be covering this year and that we would freeze his semen this Winter after the Olympic Games... but now, with the Olympics moving til next year, Winter no longer seemed the best option and stocking up now also allows us to make him available for fresh also. Jérôme immediately loved my idea and immediately reaffirmed his confidence in the plan. The horse knows me, knows the place... We now have two months with no five-star competitions on the horizon, we’ll see at the end of May if we can extend his availability by 15 days or a month depending on the return or not of the CSIs. Quel Homme had already taken a break this Winter, so we'll just keep him going for the next few weeks before Jérôme really gets him back in shape. I'm very happy about this decision because this afternoon, in just a few hours, I received many enthusiastic calls from people who are very happy to be able to have him available for fresh semen as, even though his frozen semen is of very good quality, some breeders hesitate with older and more complex breeding mares. Now, all conditions are met." Gaetan Decroix explains.