Nicolas Tayol: Trading on the "Extra" side

01 July 2021Author : Oriane Grandjean

This is the third and final part of our interview with the French dealer Nicolas Tayol. In this final part, we talk about the new network that he has set up, "Extra Horses", putting traders from several regions of the world in touch with each other. It’s a new model that the Frenchman hopes to expand this season. 

Part 3

What is today's ideal horse? "A fast, smart horse, because the courses are getting subtle, tricky, with very short times. The hardest thing isn’t to sell horses, but to find the right horses. During winter, I realized that I really enjoy working with other people; it's nice to collaborate. So I wanted to expand my network: to find other like-minded people, that are geographically distant, to selectively trade and to find good horses between 4 and 10 years old. 

                                                                                              The large grassy field

I contacted Alexandre Fichaux and Lysa Doerr in Normandy, Stéphanie Andries in Belgium, Stéphanie Hennequin in the Northeast of France, as well as Clémentine Bost and her husband Thibeau Bazire in Barbizon, Virginie Couperie, Stefano and Giulia Martinengo Marquet in Italy and Maximilian Lill in Germany. Sebastien Pellon Maison, who has good connections in the United States and South America, is also part of the adventure, as well as Charlotte and Mark McAuley, who are very active in the detection of horses for the high level. So we are grouped together under an entity that we called "Extra", simply because it is an expression that we often use when we speak about a good horse!

Our goal is to be extremely selective, to find horses that stand out. And if we can't buy them alone, we can buy them together. We have a WhatsApp group on which we share videos, pedigree charts, price lists... This allows everyone to enrich their own database. We have just set up our website.  Since we started working together, we have also realized that we could exchange information when a client is looking for a horse. We generate more returns. I want to be laser-focused on the horses that we find, but to also have people who are part of the adventure that are very qualified. All these people have good ethics, a good image and they are well recognized in their profession. We work in total confidence."

Two points are very important to Nicolas Tayol: respect for the horse and discipline. "I apply the discipline that I have acquired in my job. I can run the stable by myself because I know every task within my business. I have an Excel table for each horse, which I update every month: I know exactly how much a horse has cost me since its arrival, in competitions, farrier's fees, travel, food... and what it has earnt me. This is part of the professionalization of this job. I'm picky about it. That requirement also extends to the staff. The work environment is demanding because we have taken such a financial risk in buying certain horses that we cannot afford to jeopardize this investment because of a problem with the equipment, an event during an outing, or a bad training program. So everyone feels this pressure, from Lucie, our young horse rider, to Jonathan and Elsa - but everyone benefits: the employees get a a share of the profit when a horse is sold. It's a bonus that I find normal to include because they participated in the sale. It's a win-win situation."

                                                                                Nicolas Tayol with his whole team 

While we can feel Nicolas Tyol’s passion for the business and his desire to see a young horse evolve towards the top level before finding their matching rider, the most important thing in his eyes is obviously his family: Alexandra, his wife, and their two children, 7-year-old Victoire - "She's starting to advise me on how to choose certain horses!" says her father, and 4-year-old Arthur. "My organization’s priority is to manage to reconcile my business and competition activities with my family life, which remains at the core of what I do, as well as possible. I organize everything to be able to spend time with my children and my wife despite being very busy and taking many trips. I may be missing out on some good deals by wanting to stay with my loved ones as much as possible, but that is what I want."

The end.

Photos: © Clément Grandjean

AuthorOriane Grandjean