Marion Jauss has passed away

06 May 2020

Marion Jauss supported Christian Ahlmann with many horses for many years, the most famous of which was undoubtedly Cöster (Calato). He enabled Christian Ahlmann to win gold at the European Championships in Doneschingen in both the individual and team competitions, as well as team gold in San Patrignano and team bronze medals at the Olympic Games in Athens and at the World Championships in Aachen.

But she also supported him in his darker career moments, notably following his disqualification from the Beijing Olympic Games, she enabled him to bounce back with Codex One (Contendro I), with whom he won the Aachen Grand Prix in 2014. She also owned Lorenzo (Lord Caletto) and Epleasure van't Heike (For Pleasure) and many other horses that have enabled the German rider to get to where he is today, as well as many trotters and gallopers. A woman of the shadows, Marion Jauss is Madeleine Winter-Shulze’s sister, Ludger Beerbaum’s iconic owner.