José Alfredo Hernández's horses are gone!

20 June 2020Author : Julien Counet

Six months ago, the Mexican rider José Alfredo Hernández Ortega had a bad motorcycle accident, breaking his spine. The doctors' prognosis was not good and his chances of ever walking again were slim. Yet six months later, through hard work and perseverance, he is getting better. He is now standing and walking.

"I've always stayed positive, I think that's very important. Last November, I was motocross training. It wasn't even a competition, just training, but I fell and broke my back. The doctors told me that in 18 months we would see if I could possibly walk again one day, but it's now six months later and I'm walking again. Not without help yet, but I am walking. I’ve worked very hard for this. I do a lot of physiotherapy and they have set up a gym at home where I do at least 1.5 hours of exercise a day. I'm tired... but I'm progressing and I'm happy. My goal is not to fight to compete again, even though I like it, but to fight for my son, to be able to go cycling with him or play ball. To be honest, I have set a goal with my doctor to be able to ride again on October 1st! I'm not saying I'm going to jump, but just a little ride around because I'm sure it’ll be good for my rehabilitation." But for that, you need horses! Following his accident, his horses were returned to the Haras de Ligny that he had given to the mother of his son, and Jérôme Guery then competed them and posted some good results. But a few days ago, surprise: the five horses have disappeared from the Haras de Ligny: Isidore (Cardento I), Before (Tenerife VDL), Eclaire (Coltaire Z) and two of the Brabant rider’s Grand Prix mounts, who was then forced to interrupt Quel Homme de Hus’s breeding season following the disappearance of Diego (Verdi) and BCO Milton (Mylord Carthago*hn).

"I've heard it's a family problem but I've been separated from my son's mother, Martina Romagnoli, for a long time, so it's not a family matter! An investigation has been opened. We have information and a group of investigators, but all of the information we can get is of the utmost importance and I can only thank all the people who will be able to help me find my horses. A few weeks earlier, Jérôme Guery had taken them to training in Aachen and the Belgian trainer told me that he liked two of them very much, even asking me if he could keep them for the Olympic Games. Of course it would be a huge honor for me to have a horse at the Games with the Belgian team," explained José Alfredo Hernández.

AuthorJulien Counet