Ian Millar ends his international career

02 May 2019

It's a legend who hangs up his boots today. A three-time Grand Prix winner in Calgary and a member of the Canadian team since 1971, he has competed in ten Pan-American Games and seven World Championships, in addition to ten Olympics, where he won the silver team medal in 2008 in Beijing with his horse In Style.

He participated in his first Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 and the last in London in 2012. Only  the Moscow games were missed in 1980 due to Canada's boycott.

A 12-time national champion, he won the last of his ten medals at the Pan-American Games, team gold in 2015 in Toronto at the age of 68. It was a result that qualified Team Canada for the Rio Games.

He also won the World Cup final twice in a row with the legendary Big Ben.

"I have represented Canada many times in my career and it has been a great honor for me," said the Ontario native. "Wearing the red Canadian team jacket has always been a special moment. Being able to share this experience with many Canadian riders demonstrates the quality of our country's riders. In recent years, my interest in working with young horses and riders has grown. So I am excited to train more, to share my knowledge and passion with the next generation," said Ian Millar in a statement.