Hannah leaves Steve Guerdat.

26 March 2019

The story has been very beautiful. Hannah, or Happy d'Houtem (Dulf vd Bisschop x Kashmir van't Schuttershof), arrived at Steve Guerdat's at the beginning of 2017, totally unknown. A few months later, she participated in her first CSIO Grand Prix***** in Lummen. The same year, she also won San Giovanni’s Grand Prix***, the CSIO Grand Prix ***** of Falsterbo, the World Cup stage in Stuttgart, and also finished second in the Nations Cup in Aachen. The next year, she won the Samorin CSIO***** Nations' Cup. In their last joint competition, the pair won another big event in Doha before saying goodbye.

"I felt her owner was a little disappointed with the results lately. Personally, I wasn't. Hannah won the third or fourth most of any horse in Switzerland last season. The only thing is that the first year was so extraordinary that one could almost only be disappointed the following year. For me, the second year was also very good, although a little below the first. Now, here we are, the owner has decided to try something else. It's a shame because we really liked the mare, but that's the way it is," Steve Guerdat explained.

Her owner, José Pablo Salgado, told us that he has not yet decided on the future of his mare.