A great start for the first Selle Français x The Best Horses sale

14 September 2020

Every breeder, horse enthusiast but also every professional made it a point to attend the auction of the Championship of Selle Français Foals last Saturday, September 5th, at the Pôle Hippique of Saint-Lô and via www.the-best-horses.com.

At least 50 breeders met the auction challenge initiated by the Selle Français Stud-Book.

With nearly 15 foals sold - reaching an average price of 5,500 euros (excl. tax) and with the highest price at 10,000 euros (excl. tax) for Kylie Star de Bel Air. A filly by All Star 5 and Britney de Bel Air SF (Dalton van het Lindehof), born at Mr Gerard Nicolas’, the sales of the 2020 Selle Français Championships are off to a nice start.

They were endorsed by a crowd of more than 300 people who gathered to attend the sale in person at the Pôle Hippique of Saint-Lô, as well as over 200 previously registered Internet users who connected to the live sale on www.the-best-horses.com, and whose bids originated from various countries like Portugal or Switzerland. A filly even shipped to Lithuania.

The President of the Selle Français Stud-Book, Pascal Cadiou explains: "We are absolutely delighted with this first sale of the Championship of Selle Français Foals; we basically met a request that had been expressed by our breeders by offering them a service that assists them to market their horses. This is how the Selle Français Stud-Book fulfils its role as an assistant to the breeders who are part of a collective approach in the selection and characterization of the Selle Français breed by participating in the foals circuit. I would like to applaud the incredible preparation work they have undertaken and the quality of the foals that were shown. Needless to say, we cannot wait to repeat this physical and live sale formula, and we will take into account all the suggestions for improvements that have been relayed to us in order to maintain a high level of service, advice and hospitality that meet the expectations of our breeders and future buyers."

Marie-Line Balsan, Founder and auctioneer of The Best Horses declares: "This first auction of the best Selle Français Foals was very rewarding, the organization from the Selle Français Stud-Book and foals breeders was just top-notch. The auctions were very dynamic, both in the room and on the Internet."

Next rendezvous : Tuesday, October 6th, for the 2- and 3-year-old Selle Français females event.

The Selle Français Stud-Book and The Best Horses return on Tuesday, October 6th for a new auction with the 2- and 3-year-old Selle Français females. Scheduled to start right after the 2- and 3-year-old Selle Français Females Championship, which will be held during the Great Week of Fontainebleau on September 29th and 30th, this new sale will offer the elite of the category. This is a perfect opportunity to acquire your future star.

The auction of the 2- and 3-year-old Selle Français Females Championship will be open to the public, (even if the horses will not be physically present at the sale since they will only be visible in Fontainebleau on September 29th and 30th) and live (streaming over the internet so that internet users may bid live) via www.the-best-horses.com

Register today to bid at this event via www.the-best-horses.com

Take advantage of the live stream of the 2- and 3-year-old Selle Français Females Championship on September 29th and 30th  via  www.clipmyhorse.com, and discover the presentations of the females.

Date: 6 October 2020
On the Internet: www.the-best-horses.com
Sale starts : 6:00 p.m.
To place a bid : you must absolutely register first via