Gastronom in Beligneux le Haras

11 January 2021

Born at Paul Schockemoehle’s stables under the name Castronom Z (Carthago x Leuthen I), Gastronom de Hus began his career under the saddle of Katharina Offel. He was then acquired by the Haras de Hus at the age of 8, where he brought strength to Kevin Staut’s string, by then World No. 1. He also won the Madrid King Cup with him. The chestnut joined Belgium a little later allowing Arnaud Doem to shine at the highest level, rapidly taking him to the fourth place of the Grand Prix of Mons CSI4*.

During his three years of breeding in France, Gastronom de Hus produced a string of serious offspring who are now famous on the most beautiful competition grounds. These include Vegas de la Folie, Valentino d'Elte, Vipper du Lavoir and Vertigo Tame. He is now back in France for the 2021 breeding season, and is stabled at the Haras de Chatenay under the aegis of Beligneux le Haras.