Frédéric Busquet, a responsible farmer and entrepreneur

06 June 2021Author : Lea Tchilinguirian

Let's end our interview with Frédéric Busquet not far from Ellipse stables, on his new farming property bordering Malville. 

 The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to reinvent ourselves. Frédéric Busquet wanted to diversify while remaining close to nature. "This is really the center of our universe. We always wanted to expand the farm. It just so happened that a neighbor was selling his 150-hectare farm; we applied for it and then acquired it," he explains. "Farming gives us relative autonomy when it comes to feed, but we also have other crops such as sunflowers, rape and alfalfa. We are self-sufficient for feed, which is the basis of a stable, and we also sell the cereals," he explains.

Recently, Frédéric Busquet also moved into vermiculture: "I thought about it a bit because the compost sector is booming; it’s an organic and ecologically based sector. We have the raw material with the horse manure and bedding, and we’ve surrounded ourselves with people who know how to take care of it. We built a vermiculture facility in Angers and a second one is being finished here. The project is growing and if we talk again in a few years, it will be everywhere! These sectors are very promising because they’re the way of the future," he said.

Alexandre Bouvet and Frédéric Busquet analyzing the size of the rapeseed. 

If we ask his wife Marie Busquet what they are most passionate about, she answers: "We like the fact that everything is part of a cycle. The horse eats the straw and hay that we produce, which it expels in the form of manure, which we then put into the vermiculture and then in the agricultural soils that we also market. Moreover, the couple has been surprised by the initial commercial success. "The surrounding nurseries contacted us and all wanted some, the riders also started to use it for their hay. Horse manure is one of the best there is and it's our trademark!" Frédéric emphasizes.

Even though some had their doubts, the marketing of cereals and compost doesn’t scare the Busquet family. "We know how to market horses; so we know how to do it with compost! (laughs) It's another job and we approach it by having a qualified team dedicated to each area," concludes Frederic. Long live their projects!

Photo credit: Léa Tchilinguirian

AuthorLea Tchilinguirian