Filippa K goes to Eric Lamaze

06 April 2021

Torrey Pines Stables welcomes a new mount for Eric Lamaze! Filippa K (For Contest) joins the Canadian ranks after a period under the German saddles of Marcus Ehning and Michael Jung. The 11-year-old mare met her new rider during the Winter Equestrian Festival.

The Westphalian mare was born at Anne Knüsting's breeding farm and then trained by Canadian Tonya Knüsting. She arrived at Marcus Ehning's at the age of 8 and together they competed in several CSIO5* events, such as the two in St. Gallen and Rotterdam in 2018, before winning a 1.55m event at the CSI4* in Gross Viegeln the following year. Despite good results with the German, the latter did not have enough time to devote to her: Marcus Ehning handed the reins to his teammate Michael Jung, Olympic Eventing Champion, for a few courses in early 2020. The chestnut had not appeared in competition for almost a year before she returned to arenas on the other side of the Atlantic with Eric Lamaze.

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