"Everything has been done to make sure that the European Select Auction fits in well with the US market" Steve Tinti

23 February 2021Author : Lea Tchilinguirian

The European Select Auction, a new online auction event, will take place between the 6th and 8th March. It is being held in the American continent and is the brainchild of two leading names in the show jumping world, Sharn Wordley and Steve Tinti. Since global travel is still subject to restrictions, 12 horses have been selected in Europe and then sent across the Atlantic in search of their their new owners! Interview with Steve Tinti, co-founder of this concept.

The European Select Auction is a new sale aimed at American clients. Can you tell us more about how this concept was born?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all its restrictions, I have a number of clients from North and South America who were and still are unable to travel to Europe to try out and buy horses. So, I decided to send 12 horses to the continent which they could try out there and then hold an online auction. We organized and arranged the transport for the horses to our clients, since they cannot come to us. They have been there since the trials started. Currently the horses are in Ocala at Sharn Wordley’s stables. After that I will then travel to Wellington. The sale will take place between March 6th and March 8th and during that time customers will be able to bid until Monday evening.

How are your selections made?

The American market is different from the European market. I have already sold several horses there and for this sale I am working with Sharn Wordley, so we know which types of horses we should focus on. The horses we have on offer are seven years old or more. We didn’t want to include young horses, since it is expensive to train a youngster in the United States, and it is not part of the American attitude. They prefer to buy horses that have already achieved good results.

For our catalogue we have selected horses at all levels. They are all fine examples with a good mentality. The veterinary inspections and blood tests required for transport have all been done. We make sure that the horse is delivered in perfect condition to its new owner. Everything has been done to make sure that the sale fits in well with the American market and that the horse is ready to jump with its new owner.

Can you tell us something more about your catalogue of twelve horses?

I selected the horses in Europe. Most of them have either competed with my riders or are ones that I spotted during the season (Steve Tinti is the head of ST Stables based in Belgium). They are a perfect match for the American market. We are presenting horses that have already jumped CSI3* and 4* Grand Prix, horses that can jump High or Medium Amateur. Also there’s one for Hunter class and another for Equitation, which are two popular disciplines over there!

There are a lot of online sales taking place today. Does this concept allow you to stand out and is it well viewed in the United States?

The fact that we bring the horses to the United States and let customers who cannot travel try them out is a real advantage. This is something that really lets us stand out! Nevertheless, there have also been a number of sales with happy endings where the horses haven’t been tried out first. It's all a matter of trust between the seller and the buyer. There have already been a few online sales in the USA but not as many as in Europe.

The "European Select Auction" online auction will take place between the 6th and 8th March during which time customers can bid on the horses in the catalogue.


AuthorLea Tchilinguirian