Edward Levy is happy to be back in Riesenbeck

11 December 2020Author : Julien Counet

Last weekend, in the CSI3* in Riesenbeck, Edward Levy was one of the French riders that competed at Ludger Beerbaum's facilities, which will be hosting the European Championships next year. It was a return to a familiar place for the Norman rider, who had been perfecting his technique during his many months with the Kaiser.

How was your weekend? 

Edward Levy: "Very good. The horses all jumped very well, and we placed in the two Grands Prix of the weekend. It was very satisfying, especially since this kind of event is of a very particular type; each round was run as a timed Table A. This was due the fact that we were using the same courses as the German Championship which took place alongside the CSI. It was interesting to have the opportunity to jump those same courses. I’m even more satisfied because for the first Grand Prix, I had chosen to throw my 8-year-old mare, Confidence D'Ass (Diamant de Sémilly) right in the deep end, and we secured a very nice 6th place. The next day, I started quite early in the event, but once again, Rebeca LS (Rebozzo LS) was magnificent. However, with the very few available competitions at the moment, it’s very difficult for us to manage such good horses. The current 3* events are very high-level competitions, without the associated prize pool. They are very appreciated by the riders and, as a result, securing a placing is even more pleasing. In France, we have no reason to complain with all of the competitions that are being organized in St-Tropez, and with the Deauville CSI3*. Here, the routes were very well designed, and we had some very good sport. I rolled the dice here and used Rebeca's experience because, given the competition program, I hadn't done any more international competitions, and she hadn't jumped for a month and a half. I just took her out to do a 1.45 event at the St-Lô National in anticipation of this competition to get her used to jumping at this height again."

Does the currently rather quiet circuit also allow you to take other horses out? 

E.L.: "I’ve been indeed able to use this time to train other horses. That's what allowed me to ride Saturday’s big event with Confidence D'Ass. The national circuit allows us to really focus on doing some training rounds with horses to toughen them up. It’s a bit less expensive, but it is mentally difficult to convince ourselves that we’re going to train a horse, especially when the competitions are so far from home. However, we must accept that fact because we always need to renew our strings. In fact, I’m always open to receiving horses at different stages of their career. The main thing is how I feel when I try them: if they give me a good feeling, I take the horse on, no matter what level it is."

How do you feel about the Riesenbeck facilities? 

E.L.: "It's a superb complex. It's very professional with a great arena, a very spacious grass track and several sand tracks. Everything is close to the other. It's a really valuable tool." 

The decision to organize the European Championships there doesn’t surprise you then? 

E.L.: "No, I find it to be a very positive step. It's a beautiful complex and it's in Germany, one of the top nations of our sport, and on top of that, we can count on one of the top riders of horseback riding being there. I find that extremely positive and encouraging for us riders because it allows us to stick to our top goals in these difficult times." 

Having worked there, you know the place well, don’t you? 

E.L.: "Absolutely, I still have some contacts there, especially with the riders who used to ride with Ludger Beerbaum at the time. We still speak to each other during competitions, it's very pleasant. Ludger truly remains a role model for me, not only as a rider, but also because of everything he does aside from that. I must admit that I quite like Germany, and I never hesitate to regularly go there to different competitions. It allows me to get to know several riders on the circuit with whom I regularly exchange ideas when we meet up."

Featured photo: Julien Counet

AuthorJulien Counet