The death of Nonstop

23 May 2020

A week after celebrating his 30th birthday, the stallion Nonstop (Darco x Carneval) died at his owner's, Michel Spaas of Stoeterij Berkenbroeck. The 6-year-old Belgian Champion was then ridden by the legendary Nelson Pessoa, with whom he won events in Hamburg and Valkenswaard before being ridden by young Toni Hassman, who was then barely 25 years old.

But above all, it is through his offspring that this BWP ambassador has excelled: Ulysse (Philippe Le Jeune & Pius Schwizer), Vangelis S (Robert Smith), Abbervail van het Dingeshof (Denis Lynch), Inonstop Van 't Voorhof (Arthur Gustavo Da Silva) and of course the Aachen Grand Prix winner, Amai (Michaël Whitaker) to name only the most well-known.