Daniel Deusser, the new World No. 1!

05 June 2021Author : Julien Counet

After a reign of 28 months and despite two Grand Prix successes in May, Steve Guerdat is giving up his place as the World No. 1 to Daniel Deusser. The German rider from the Stephex stables had a great start to the year, but the system for calculating the world rankings has just been changed. The FEI and the IJRC have decided that the break due to the health crisis is almost over. As a result, the ranking system’s calculation period has shortened by three months and it will continue to shorten little by little to return to the traditional system of 12 months.

Daniel Deusser takes over this World No. 1 place for the third time in his career after interrupting Scott Brash's 16-month reign in 2015 and succeeding his compatriot Christian Ahlmann in 2017.

Steve Guerdat moves down to second place, while his compatriot Martin Fuchs, remains in third place. Ben Maher moves up to fourth place, ahead of Kent Farrington and Scott Brash.

Peder Fredricson loses three places and finds himself in seventh place ahead of Darragh Kenny who gained two, and Mclain Ward who has re-entered the Top 10. Marlon Zanotelli has gained three places and also enters the Top 10! Beezie Madden remains the first woman in the rankings, but leaves the Top 10 to now sit in eleventh place.

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AuthorJulien Counet