Cornet 39 leaves Anthony Bourquard

25 April 2021

Last year, we learned of the beautiful gift that Steve Guerdat gave to his stable rider Anthony Bourquard: Cornet 39 (Cornet Obolensky) joined his string of horses. Through his social media, the rider announced the departure of the gray from his stables. He will now join the Swiss Children’s category rider, Lou Puch. "I'm a bit sad but I’m happy that he’s going to a good family. He’ll have a great end of his career there. At his age - 17 - he deserves to enjoy himself competing in smaller events," said Anthony Bourquard.

Cornet 39 was first noticed in Arezzo when he was crowned the European Young Riders Champion with Swedish rider Irma Karlsson. He then went on to compete with American riders Paris Sellon and Lauren Hough at the highest level, before joining the Stephex and Daniel Deusser’s stables. The duo won the World Cup stage in Oslo in 2017. In 2021, a page has been turned for Cornet 39, who is now continuing his story in Switzerland.

Photo credit: Clément Grandjean