Cancellations, all over the place!

13 April 2021Author : Julien Counet

Organizing often brings more criticism than praise, but in these complicated times, it’s a real obstacle course. The Reims Jumping committee has had to throw in the towel and will see its fans again in 2022.

While the Postelmans family intended to bring the Lummen jumping competition back from the ashes, they have also decided to cancel their spring competition, but hope to set up an autumn tour, the dates of which are not yet known.

These are not the only cancellations, as the new CSIO3* tour that the International Equestrian Federation was planning to set up has already been cut by two rounds, with the withdrawal of the CSIO in Geesteren, Holland, as well as that of Le Touquet in France! More big blows for equestrian sport.

AuthorJulien Counet