Bisquet Balou will stand at the Haras de la Bouloye

16 January 2021Author : Julien Counet

After two seasons in Normandy, Bisquet Balou (Balou du Rouet x Polydor) is moving closer to Belgium and will join the Haras de la Bouloye. He is far from the first stallion from the France Elevage Group to settle there, since his neighbors are two other GFE star stallions that also stand at Keros; Untouchable and Vleut, who will also be available via fresh semen in France as well as in Belgium.

"Last year, due to Covid-19, semen shipment abroad was disrupted. Obviously, we hope that 2021 will be a little less disrupted, but we prefer to be cautious. The shuttle that we set up for Kannan, in collaboration with Keros, allows us to not be dependent on transporters, and to ensure much better logistics are in place. This was important for Bisquet, who is still in demand with breeders in Belgium," said Brice Elvezi, GFE director.

AuthorJulien Counet