Berlin has died

12 September 2020

At the age of 26, Caspar, better known as Eurocommerce Berlin (Cassini x Caretino) has died at the Radstake breeding station in the Netherlands. Berlin started at the high level under Wim Schroder’s saddle by notably helping to secure a European Championship victory, before moving on to be ridden by his brother Gerco, with whom he experienced his finest hours of glory: Champion of the Netherlands in 2006 and the same year they secured a team gold medal at the World Championships in Aachen (as well as coming in sixth individual place), a victory in the 5* Grand Prix in La Coruña and, one year later, a team gold medal at the European Championships in Mannheim. The duo also won the Nations Cup in St. Gallen twice and finished second in Aachen and in the Nations Cup Final in Barcelona.

Having been initially disparaged by breeders, his progeny eventually showed his great reproductive qualities, despite his delicate semen, but finally plenty of his offspring followed in his footsteps at the highest level, like Zerlin M, Zilverstar, Corrado du Moulin, Sweet Tricia, Fa Belle van't Roosaker and many others.