Asca Z, when blood and size form a perfect combination.

09 April 2020

Asca at 3 years old during the Zangersheide expertise

Hostein-approved at the age of two and a half, he was acquired by Léon Melchior the same year and admitted the following year to Zangersheide. His early training years were followed up by becoming a World Championship finalist at the age of 7 under the saddle of Judy-Ann Melchior. He had a very promising debut with her, before a fall upset couple's confidence. The grey made his comeback in competition with impressive results including a victory in the Spruce Meadows Nations Cup, third place in the Kapellen 3* CSI Grand Prix and a fifth place in the Stockholm 5* CSI Grand Prix ... However, it's hard not to think that the story could have been even better. Today, it's the turn of his offspring to show their sire’s quality, with obviously Bacara d'Archonfosse, Ascatano Z, Appolo de la Bonette, the impressive Armani SL Z and Almeria Z. The number of his offspring performing on the international scene is really impressive.


Asca at 8 years old with Judy-Ann Melchior at Sires of the world, one year after their final in the 7YO World Championships

Today, at the age of 17, Asca has been focusing exclusively on breeding for the past few seasons. His dam is also dam to seven other internationals including Alonso vd Helle, as well as Avion who competed in Grand Prix under Mexican colors.

"Buying a young horse and taking him to the top level before he comes back to the stud, as in the case of Asca, is a beautiful story and that's obviously what we want. Nevertheless, Asca's story could have been even more beautiful. As a young horse, he jumped with incredible talent. We achieved some very good performances and when he was 8 years old, the time that I started Grand Prix, I had such an incredible feeling about him... then that same year we had a serious accident together. He jumped the Monaco Grand Prix marvelously and then unfortunately during a competition he saw a shadow in front of an oxer, took a stride too early and we had a huge crash. He broke his sternum and I lost consciousness and had amnesia for several months. The fall was even harder for him as he always tried to jump very well. He always did everything for his rider and there he just couldn’t put his legs out to land. Unfortunately, after that, he never came back 100%. Of course, he still performed at a high level... but without that accident, I think he could have done even more. Afterwards he always tended to hold back a little, something he didn’t do at the age of 8. This is obviously a factor that you can't control and hopefully today, his offspring will surpass him and show his qualities. Because when he was 8, I really thought that I had an extraordinary horse who was unable to express all his talent afterwards. All the more since the injury resulted in osteoarthritis which is why we preferred him to focus on breeding.

Asca in Autumn 2012

He’s a pretty simple horse whom I used to ride with single bridle. I would just add a second check rein for Grand Prix because he’s still a very big horse, a bit long and I needed to keep him together. He had an excellent mouth. He's a horse with a lot of blood, which is rare for a horse of his size. As a young horse, we had to channel this energy, but that’s one of his great assets as a stallion. He’s a horse with size and dimensions that bring a lot of blood, that's what we’re looking for and very few combine these qualities. He produces modern, light horses with a lot of blood."