Aaron Lowell Denton, creator of the Masters of Chantilly poster

30 March 2021Author : Lea Tchilinguirian

Aaron Lowell Denton is the creator of the next Masters of Chantilly's poster. The event will take place from July 8 to 11, 2021. The artist from the south of Indianapolis, USA, works mostly in the music world but gladly took on the challenge of this horse-related project. For Studforlife, he opens the doors of his studio - and thus his universe - and shares with us the secrets of Chantilly event’s poster.

Passionate about art from an early age, Hoosier quickly began wandering the aisles of museums with a thirst for discovery while studying art history. "I went on to study art history in college, and it wasn't until after graduation that I started making posters," he says. For over three years, Aaron has been working from home, a place that allows him to express himself best in his creations. "It's a comfortable atmosphere. I tend to keep things neat and organized; the space is soothing".

"I tried to convey the energy of a horse in motion through a single design element"

Aaron, who is usually involved in creating posters for music events, admits he didn't know anything about the equestrian world until this new project came along: designing the poster for the Masters of Chantilly. "I had to research the sport and the history of the images associated with it," he explains. For inspiration, the artist flipped through his various books on the theme of design for sporting events, including one that dealt specifically with sports posters. "There were several images of horses over jumps in there, which was a good springboard along with other illustrations that I used as references. I discovered a deep history of poster design associated with the sport." With a pencil in hand, Aaron Lowell Denton began his project with several sketches on paper. These served as a guide to the final version, which was done on the computer. "I tried to convey the energy of a horse in motion through a single design element, while wanting to create something that could be seen at a glance, but still have a lot of detail to dig into after the first look".

Linking an image to an event and keeping a physical memory of it is what the artist and EEM founding President, Christophe Ameeuw, immediately agreed on. "Since the beginning of my route in sports events, at the Brussels Masters in 2004, I have always been inspired by the greatest global events where I found that identifying each edition with a collector's poster left a timeless mark in history. It is associated with colors, an artist and an edition, which makes it possible to not just pile up the events one after the other," underlines the Belgian.

On the left: the artist's final creation. On the right: the Masters of Chantilly 2021’s official poster (collector version).

"For me, this poster is the sign of a new era after the Longines Masters series. We are debuting an outdoor event. It was therefore important that we change our universe; from the colors, to the environment and our official title partner Rolex: we needed an artist like Aaron. The green reminds us of the Domaine de Chantilly, whether it is the greenery, the large gardens, the racecourse, the nature, the statues. The blue represents the water with the numerous fountains, the river that crosses the castle, and the canals... and the blue sky that we hope to have," adds Christophe Ameeuw with enthousiasm. For a poster to be successful, "it must clearly convey the energy of its message, while being able to catch the eye of a viewer who is not experienced in the field. It has to be accessible by inviting the casual viewer to look twice," concludes Aaron Lowell Denton. And he did it!

Below are different posters created by the American artist: 

Photo credit: Anna Lowell Denton

AuthorLea Tchilinguirian