Ulane Belmanière goes to Pius Schwizer

27 April 2019

Swiss rider Pius Schwizer is soaring in New York with one of his new recruits: Ulane Belmanière (Muriesco du Cotentin). The pair had a fluid round for 7th place in the Speed Challenge, but above all, she’s a great recruit for the Swiss man.

"I don't know her very well yet, so my goal is certainly not to try to go very fast, especially since she’s a mare with the ability and mentality to jump the most beautiful courses at the biggest events like La Baule and Aachen. She’s an extremely sensitive mare like Carlina or even Toulago. I think she has a bright future ahead." said Pius Schwizer.

He was not the only one to line up with a new horse, since Irishman Daragh Kenny was in the saddle of the stallion Cazador Ls (Casall x Tlaloc La Silla), and he is none other than the grandson of Nick Skelton's star, Dollar Girl.

"It's hard to say what this horse will do at the moment. I’m riding him for a new owner who has entrusted me with several horses in order to market them. I’m used to selling horses, that’s 50% of my business. I've only been riding him for two months and it's only our second competition together. I can't say how he will go yet. He’s a horse that has jumped 1.45m events before coming to me.