Tanael des Bonnes will no longer jump with Aldrick Cheronnet

13 August 2019

If Tanael des Bonnes (Watch me van't Zorgvliet) appeared this weekend at the Normandy Horse Show under the saddle of Marie Demonte, it was Grand Prix Replay who revealed the information: Guy Belooussoff wants to sell his mounts. A commercial objective that was not achieved with Aldrick Cheronnet despite the pair's very good sporting performances.

Marie Demonte already has in her string many horses entrusted by the Belooussoff family, following the injury of their daughter Valentine. Nevertheless, it is the latter who could take over the reins of the horses that have left Aldrick Cheronnet's stables pending their sale, except Uris de la Roque, which has just been acquired by Mario Deslaurier.