Quel Homme de Hus : Destination Tokyo!

12 June 2019

Quel Homme de Hus will remain with Jérôme Guery. The Brabant rider has managed to secure the Holsteiner stallion, who remains the joint property of Gaëtan Decroix and his partner Alice Tréhoust, but who has now also been half acquired by Jérôme Guery and Alexander Oancea. Originally entrusted by Gaëtan Decroix to his friend after he learned of a relapse of his cancer—now on the right path to recovery—the story is now a story of friendship with a specific objective: Tokyo 2020!

 Gaëtan Decroix: "When Jérôme agreed to ride Quel Homme after I announced my health problems, we hadn't decided anything. It was above all to help me, but the question of the sale was quickly raised, as it was possible that I would ride the horse once my health would allow me to...  then finally, the pair he formed with Jérôme matched very quickly. In Mexico City, we experienced emotions that went far beyond the mere financial side and we must also be able to experience these emotions in life, especially since our friendship created a completely different context. So, we thought about the different possibilities to continue to live through this together. I have always been convinced that the horse should play in the big leagues. I have always said so and now he has really found his rider and there is no longer any reason that should change. We all wanted to find a solution to keep the horse in competition, and to live the sport and his breeding career while offering a great quality of life to this great gentleman who gives so much to his team and riders that we also had to do something to offer him a retirement worthy of what he gave during his career."

Jérôme Guery: "Last year, Quel Homme had indeed already come to my stables, but the context was totally different. At that time, it was about me buying him or selling him to a specific customer, but we didn't agree because as friends, I felt a huge pressure around Quel Homme. Knowing that he is the horse of Gaëtan's heart, I could not take his horse away without any guarantee of success. When Gaëtan unfortunately learned of his relapse, I was there to help him, first with Cambridge de Hus, which we acquired with Alex, then with Quel Homme. Something happened quite quickly, like with every horse I've had a history with so far. I match very quickly with these horses. After jumping three events with Quel Homme, I felt something special and then there was the victory in the Grand Prix of the Sunshine Tour last week, then right away directly to Mexico City. There, a lot of people were interested in the horse, especially since he had come to my house for me to ride him... but also for commercial purposes. So, we talked with Gaëtan... when I had no desire to let a horse of such magnitude go because I think I've never ridden one like him before, knowing that there are big events coming up like the European Championships and the Olympic Games. If I want to be part of it, it's with a horse like him! Now, Gaëtan should also be able to earn money. The sale of Celvin, I owned with Alex, gave us room to breathe and the chance to propose something to Gaëtan. I talked to Alex about it and he was immediately enthusiastic and motivated by the project. For us, it was a significant investment with money that we would usually use instead to invest in young horses for the ultimate purpose of marketing. Here, it's quite different. Alex also had to be involved in this new project because here the goal is to buy a horse to achieve major success, to stay at the top level. We certainly also hope for a return on investment with the winnings from competitions and covering, but that is not the main purpose. Managing a stallion's career is something completely new to me. From Mexico City, there has been an incredible demand for the horse with no less than sixty coverings sold in the last few months. The horse is of increasing interest to breeders. I really think he has all the qualities a stallion needs. 

Our objective is to experience something in sport with friends, because I am friends with Gaëtan and Alex. Doing this between three friends around a horse that will take us far and that already brings us so much, it is a story of friendship around our passion of sport. I thank Gaëtan for accepting our proposal and Alex for supporting me by participating in this project. It is a new adventure for all of us, because our respective spouses are an integral part of the project. The objective is clearly the Tokyo Olympic Games, although for me, a horse's career is not just about only one objective either. My objectives have always been the great championships. I was lucky enough to be able to ride in Rio de Janeiro with Grand Cru vd Rozenberg. It's a story we lived with Alex and it gave us incredible emotions... and when we discussed investing together in Quel Homme, we immediately talked about great moments like Rio and Göteborg! The championships remain real objectives but there are also plenty of beautiful competitions because I think he is a horse capable of performing in the finest competitions in the world, and we intend to experience a lot of emotions. Of course, if we are lucky enough to make it to Tokyo, we will go for the podium and not just to take part, because he is a horse that has the ability to do it. I think that this objective does not necessarily imply a participation in the European Championships this year. I think I've participated in several championships now and I've shown that I can do it. I know that this horse has all the abilities to make a great championship horse, not just a good horse but really a great championship horse. We entered the framework for Rotterdam but, even if Rotterdam is a very important step to qualify... but I know I have compatriots who are very, very good too. Everyone in Belgium is behind us to qualify. I hope to gain some experience in the league by participating in Rotterdam... but my objective is clearly Tokyo."

Alexander Oancea: "Since the sale of Grand Cru, we have still had good horses, but we have not experienced such intense emotions as we did with him, and you can't imagine how much I miss that. When Jérôme rode Quel Homme at the Sunshine, he called me as he often does and told me that he was really a good horse, then when he called me after Mexico, he was no longer a good horse, he was an extraordinary one. He told me: "I think Grand Cru was one of my best horses but this one is crazy, he's even a class above him!" When I saw the fun Gaëtan and Jérôme were having, I had to join in this project. We may not have made a directly rational decision. We never thought we'd do anything crazy with horses. Our idea is—and has always been—to buy young horses, work with them and sell them. We have bought several horses in recent months, including the seven-year-old Scoopie Z, which is a maternal half-brother of Tobago Z by Scendix, and we intend to continue our investments in this way, but we could not miss the "match" that Jérôme has with this horse. It's phenomenal. I really want to relive these emotions with Gaëtan and Jérôme, I really have this dream of seeing him in the final of the Olympic Games again and I think that the horse really is a star. I don't think that changes my objectives for the future. I remain very small in the world of horses and all I have gained in this field is thanks to Jérôme. His wife, Patricia, wants to do a little more breeding. Personally, I also like that a lot and, thanks to Quel Homme and some other stallions that we also have together, why not develop something even if for me, currently, the goal is to return to the Games with Gaëtan and Jérôme and that's it!"