The Longines Masters arrive in Lausanne.

01 June 2019

Already present on three continents with Paris, Hong Kong and New York, the Longines Masters will now stop in Switzerland for their first outdoor event in Lausanne, the capital of sport.

The dates of June 20 to 23 coincide with the week in which the IOC will inaugurate its brand-new headquarters on its 125th anniversary. It was founded in 1894 by French Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The following day, the IOC will name the city chosen to host the 2026 Olympic Winter Games.

It’s also a special weekend as it’s the first day of Summer, as well as also being the "Fête de la musique" day, and music has always an important element in the Longines Masters Series.

 So, we needed to discuss the addition of Lausanne with one of the cornerstones of the Belgian company, Anouk Blain-Mailhot.

A new destination… is it a whole new challenge for the Longines Masters?

Anouk Blain-Mailhot: "Lausanne is a wonderful opportunity. It offers both an idyllic postcard setting that spectators will be able to resonate with, thanks to great sporting moments, and an incredible view of Lake Leman and the mountains.

In addition, Switzerland is our title partner, Longines’ home country, and Lausanne is also the International Equestrian Federation headquarters’ city.

The date of June 21 is a special day...

 A. B.-M. : "Yes, of course. It’s not only the first day of Summer, it’s also the longest day of the year. We’ve therefore decided not to use lighting for the competitions, which will all take place in daylight, because the best way to stage our sport is in this exceptional setting. Moreover, it’s also "Fête de la musique" day, and with music being such an integral part of the Longines Masters in Paris, Hong Kong and New York, it will of course be important here also. The famous Belgian DJ Henri PFR will once again be joining us on this new stage of the series. We’ve brought our concept and our signature events such as the Longines Speed Challenge, which will take place on Saturday and of course the Longines Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon. Friday evening, we’ll start with a more classic event, the Prix de la Ville de Lausanne, followed by a vaulting demonstration and Santi Serra with his horses, dogs and a falcon for several performances, which only he has the secret to."

It’s your first outdoor event in Switzerland after discovering three other continents.

A B.-M.: "We’ve really started from scratch, but we’ve brought all the ingredients of the Longines Masters: great sport, music, art, gastronomy and activities for the children. As in Paris, NY and HK, our aim here too is to invite young talent to participate with the best riders in the world. It’s a priority for us to support and help this new generation of future champions both in sport and with their image. In agreement with the Swiss Federation, we are also opening our doors to talented local riders in order to put them in the spotlight in front of their home crowd. Switzerland is an important equestrian nation, as it has already proven on many occasions.

 All of the ingredients are there to seduce the public and make our sport known to as many people as possible and make the Longines Masters of Lausanne an essential event in the schedule."