Five continents to meet at the Morocco Royal Tour

01 October 2019

It promises to be showjumping the way we like it: resolutely sporting and in a friendly atmosphere. Tetouan also offers the sumptuous setting of the Royal Guard, a magnificent stadium in the heart of the city, with Moroccan-style grandstands. All this undoubtedly explains the enthusiasm of riders from Europe and, these days, from America and indeed from EVERY continent! For the first time, Canadian, Brazilian and American riders will discover the circuit. Olympic riders Bernardo Alves (BRA), Tiffany Foster, Chris Pratt and Laura Tidball (Canada) are among them. New Zealand will also be in Morocco for the first time with Olympic riders Samantha McIntosh and Bruce Goodin.

As is now the norm, the European Federations are sending the very best of their cavalry to the MRT, with champions like Laurent Goffinet (BEL), Billy Twooney (IRL), Emanuele Gaudiano (ITA)—always successful at the MRT—Stefan Eder (AUT), and Andreas Shou (DAN), all regulars on the World Cup circuit and in continental or intercontinental championships, as well as Frenchmen Simon Delestre (former World No.1), Olivier Guillon (former world runner-up) and Emeric George, winner of the Rabat Grand Prix last year.

The Swiss are also eagerly awaited, having promised to send a strong team for this tenth anniversary, with the intention of keeping "their" Moroccan Nations Cup, won in 2018 and 2016. The team will be led by Alain Jufer, also a big winner on the MRT, and Nadja Peter Steiner, both of whom were part of the winning team last year.

In total, 25 nations will be represented in Tetouan, 29 in Rabat (where the Olympic qualifications for the Tokyo Games will take place in the Nations Cup for Group 7) and 20 indoor in El Jadida. An impressive number: The Morocco Royal Tour is the only circuit apart from the World Championships and the Olympic Games that brings together riders from all five continents!

The sympathies of the Moroccan public, however, will undoubtedly be with Abdelkebir Ouadar and his compatriots, who are performing better and better this year, Kebir having returned to the winners’ circle in the Grand Prix last summer in Megève.