Daniel Deusser to be part of the Mannschaft in Rome.

09 May 2019

Therefore, dreamers won’t see Daniel Deusser in the Belgian team’s red jacket! The Stephex team rider had threatened to ride in Belgian colors if no solution was agreed upon in the coming months... but insisted that Germany remained his priority. And he has been heard.

The issue centered around a contract that the German riders had to sign to represent their nation in CSIO’s... but two riders refused to sign it: Daniel Deusser and Christian Ahlmann. The contract has now been reviewed and amended. The Stephex team’s number one rider will now re-join the German team and represent Germany again at the CSIO***** in Rome on the last weekend of the month.

The rider who ranked 6th in the world told Worldofshowjumping that he was happy with the outcome and that he would now focus on the competition in Rome.