Cornet d'Amour to say goodbye to competition.

27 August 2019

Cornet d'Amour will compete one last time, at the Stephex Masters, the competition arena which has been his training arena for so many years. Revealed at the age of 5 under the saddle of Yves Vanderhasselt, Cornet d'Amour later went on to join Stephex Stables. Ridden for the first time by Pedro Veniss, he'll return to Wolverthem when Daniel Deusser arrives back in Belgium! The beginning of a successful era for both the German rider and Stephan Conter's stables.

"It's the end of an era for our stables. Cornet d'Amour is the horse that launched Stephex into the sport, he's the one who put Stephex on the map. At one point, I decided to buy him back from Double H Farm who co-owned him with us. It really was a turning point for Stephex Stables. Today we lose a good competition horse and it leaves an odd impression. I don't know how I'll react during the ceremony but it probably won't be very well. This horse has given us so much!" explained Stephan Conter.

Daniel Deusser is no less stingy with compliments about his star: "I have so many memories of this horse. Obviously our victory in the World Cup final is a very special moment, and even more so as it was in Lyon, in such a special atmosphere. But our victories in the World Cup stages of Mechelen, near my family, or that of Wellington is as special as our victory at the Longines Masters of Paris two years ago where he signalled his return to top form. In fact, I think it's a departure that will affect a lot of people and not just me, not just us at Stephex, but more generally for the sport itself, because for several years, he has had a big impact on the sport. People wanted their photo with him, he left a mark. It's obviously he who brought me to the highest level of the sport, especially within Stephex.
He's a horse with a special character that had promise and very good technique but the first time I mounted him, I have to be honest, I thought he was a very good horse, very competitive... but I had big doubts about his ability to make it to the highest level of Grand Prix. But he has such a good mind and has always impressed me. He progressed throughout the sport and we were able to develop a very strong partnership that allowed us to be very competitive at the biggest events. His retirement brings mixed feelings, combining the sadness of losing such a good horse, and joy because he really deserves to enjoy his field. He's such an intelligent horse who could express himself by simply showing you what it was that he wanted. He wanted to communicate with us more than any other horse. I think he really deserves this retirement... and it's not goodbye because he's not leaving us and I can always go and see him enjoying the grass in his field here."