A bad fall for Nicola Philippaerts.

22 August 2019

Nicola Philippaerts had a bad fall yesterday riding a young horse, and broke his collarbone. He was operated on last night; he will have to have six weeks of rest.

"It happened so fast that it's hard to describe what happened. I immediately felt that there was something wrong as the pain was intense. We quickly discussed the options and decided not to waste any time and operate. Everything went well, but I'm still in a lot of pain. The surgeon told me this morning to wait six weeks before starting my rehabilitation. I'll be able to rest at home with Chilli Willi. It's a shame, but it could have been worse! I want to thank the Doctor and his team for the good care. I'll rest now and work hard to be ready for the indoor season," Nicola Philippaerts said in a statement.

Nicola had to withdraw from the European Championships due to his lead mount (Chilli Willi) injury. Unfortunately, the fate has been relentless in recent weeks.
Studforlife wishes him a speedy recovery.