Aachen hopes to postpone its CHIO

26 March 2020

The organizers of the mythical CHIO Aachen are not giving up and intend to take advantage of the postponement of the Olympic Games to postpone the CHIO to a later date... even if the big question remains about how we’re going to get out of this global containment because it’s becoming increasingly clear that once this first wave of the virus has passed, not everyone will be able to resume their normal activities in a snap. Take Hong Kong as an example. Officials have so far shown impressive crisis management, and have just closed its borders to all non-residents as it’s facing a second wave which could be bigger than the first.

So, one really wonders whether it will really be possible to bring together so many different nations this year and such a large audience, sometimes from very far away, for an event that usually brings together nearly 350,000 people?

The organizers of the CHIO in Rome have thrown in the towel, and Hickstead still give themselves time to think about the CSIO, hoping they'll be able to postpone their mythical Derby during a national competition, while waiting for the FEI's agreement.

The FEI will set up task forces to deal with the impact of Covid-19. They, like many other federations, will have to rethink their schedule, especially as the announcement of the postponement of the Olympic Games raises another issue: what about the European Championships which were to be held in Budapest for three Olympic disciplines: jumping, dressage and para-dressage, as well as vaulting and driving, whereas the eventing events are to be held in Le Pin in August? Can we really have two championships in the same year, or would it be wiser to cancel them, especially as they do not then go towards qualification for the next Olympic Games... especially as the organizers of the 2023 European Championships are not yet known?

Right now, everyone's health is a priority, and that’s the most important thing.